Feasibility study for the valorisation of the fortified systems in the Verona area

Output 4.2.1

Workgroup coordination: Ing. Elisabetta Pellegrini, manager of development and territory planning, Province of Verona

The Province of Verona from several years promotes, develops and ensures its support to initiatives and projects to protect and enhance the historic heritage of the fortified systems present within the territory of Verona. For this reason, since the beginning, we expressed a full commitment to the project "Forte Cultura", implemented in the frame of the Central Europe Programme.

In this context, we present this study for the valorization of the fortified system of the Verona area, elaborated to implement the research and knowledge related to a historical and cultural heritage of double value: on one side a characteristic element of the territory, on the other that of real identity element for the community. Among the primary objectives of the Province there is a real desire to enhance, through a specific and targeted action, the invaluable historical and architectural heritage of military origin on which we are today fortunate custodians and witnesses.

The fortified systems have marked in an unmistakable way the places where we live, not only from a physical and geo-political point of view but also, and above all, from the cultural and human perspective, assuming the extraordinary value of cultural and environmental heritage that today we undoubtedly recognize.

PDf file [9,6 MB] - English version to download

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Residences in Fortresses - Exemplary Research Documentation

Output 4.2.2

Author: Michał Czasnojć, Architect Compono Ltd., Szczecin, Poland

Date: November 2013

PDF file (4,2 MB) - download

Petersberg Erfurt - a cultural monument in change

Output: 4.2.3

Redaction: Thuringian Institute for Advanced Studies and Education reg. ass.

Date: February 2014

Page 1 - From secret area to public space - PDF file (6,7 MB) - download

Page 2 - The gate to the citadel - once defensive now inviting - PDF file (6 MB) - download

Page 3 - Old paths - opening up and dividing - PDF file (6,2 MB) - download

Page 4 - New passageways to the once closed area - PDF file (7,2 MB) - download

Page 5 - Lower fortress round trip - along restored bastion walls - PDF file (7,4 MB) - download

Page 6 - Upper fortress round trip - nice views for everyone - PDF file (6,8 MB) - download


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