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The FORTE CULTURA Image Folder shows on 8 pages the:
- Fortified Cultural Heritage of Central Europe,
- Fascinating Variety of "Architectura Militaris" in form and function,
- Imposing Experiences in Monumental Scenery,
- Journeys alongside the European Culture Route of Fortified Monuments.

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FORTE CULTURA Tourist Guide Book [ENG]

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Experiences in monuments of European history

A publication which has been long overdue about the experiences of fortified monuments

Many of these prominent buildings cannot compete against the splendor of chateaus, palaces and castles. But they are bustling and are opening new cultural and leisure time offerings to modern society in an exceptional setting.

Fortifications are an important part of European cultural history and can be found nationwide. They were used for millennia by rivalling powers in all European regions besieging and defending each other. Creativeness and innovative spirit always found adequate responses to the more efficient offensive weapons in a way of new defence methods and better architecture of fortifications. This created an exciting "architectura militaris" - losing their historical function in the course of time but still existing by the durability of its objects.

These fortified monuments are changing more and more into sites of culture, leisure, entertainment and meeting, but also into sites of remembrance and warning. Europe is abounding in fortified monuments, equipped with a high and increasing value of benefit in it walls.

The aim of this book is to call attention and to give support for orientation in this matter. In addition for the first time here are given thematic travelling offers along the European cultural route – "FORTE CULTURA".

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