petersberb erfurt powder magazine Info point 500pxNational Information Point Germany to Fortified Heritage - exemplary model for a national information centre dedicated to the fortified heritage of Central Europe aiming to imitate it in each CE-member state for a future linked CE-net of national information points [Erfurt]

Responsible Partner: Thuringian Institute for Advanced Studies and Education reg. ass.

This pilot project should be the example and prototype for NIP in the other states of CE, highlighting their national fortified heritage together with the connection and linking as a common European cultural heritage. Due to its very close location to the city centre, special reconstruction state and location within CE the citadel Petersberg presents itself as the ideal location for NIP-D. The buildings "war powder magazine I and V" are preserved examples of mastership in fortified monument construction themselves and win further attractiveness by their intended usage. Both buildings should be integrated as exhibition area with the planning and realizing of the proposed centre inside. PP7 will offer a concept for the work package discussion and network meetings, as basis for a project realisation phase task, starting with construction and infrastructure engineering as well as the equipment and communication planning.

The National Information Point Fortress Heritage Germany (NIP-G) should combine some of the following functions:

1. Function as a general information centre enabling visitors access to detailed information on the fortified heritage in Germany and general information on CE-heritage. This refers to the location, the history, the architecture, historical events as well as highlights documentations, publications etc. The historical fortified heritage of Germany overlaps to Poland and Lithuania and is being regarded as a potential for future European integration and cooperation when managed properly.

2. The NIP-G should be linked with other information sources and databanks that shall be developed during the project Forte Cultura, like the Transnational Information System Fortified Heritage (output 4.4.3), the agency of the culture route (output 5.5.3), as well as the individual homepages of fortresses. In synergy with the Baltic Sea Region the culture route Baltic Fort Route should also be presented in connection with Forte Cultura.

3. The NIP-G should also present the cultural and tourist offers of German fortified heritage, especially the culture route Forte Cultura throughout Germany and the connections to the other CE-states. That includes information on thematic routes, annual events for different target groups in fortress monuments, the quality of adventure and the attractiveness of the fortified heritage.

4. Attractive and interactive exhibition with modern communication technology, universally equipped as a multifunctional space with multilingual and audio-visual environment, to be used for movie presentations, seminars or workshops.

 European Regional Development Fund

This project is implemented by the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme
co-financed by the ERDF.

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